Project Description Owner Last Change
Evergreen-DocBook.git Mirror of Evergreen doc repo... Equinox Git Owner 5 years ago
evergreen-equinox.git Evergreen with Equinox develop... Equinox Git Owner 72 min ago
ext/instance-debootstrap.git Debootstrap instance OS scrip... ESI 4 years ago
kcls-web.git KCLS Web Files (OPAC, etc... Equinox Git Owner 6 years ago
koha-equinox.git Koha with Equinox developments... ESI 44 min ago
koha.git Mirror of git://git.koha-commu... Equinox Git Owner 44 min ago
kohadocs.git Mirror of Koha documentation... Equinox Git Owner 7 hours ago
migration-tools.git Library data migration tools ESI 9 days ago
opensrf-equinox.git OpenSRF with Equinox developme... Equinox Git Owner 5 hours ago
transitory.git Miscellaneous, temporary stuff ESI 4 years ago