descriptionLibrary data migration tools
last changeFri, 22 Mar 2019 15:36:45 +0000
8 hours ago Jason Etheridgeresolve ambiguities if you are working with mapping... master
2019-02-26 Rogan Hambyadd new munge_sf9 function
2019-02-26 Rogan Hambyremoving the add_sf9 function that doesn't check for...
2019-02-20 Jason Etheridgeavoid trimming trailing empty fields
2019-01-21 Jason Etheridgeadd asset.copy_alert to default base staging tables
2019-01-19 Jason Etheridgeimperfect but good enough handling of array datatypes...
2019-01-19 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.create_linked_legacy_table_from
2019-01-10 Jason Etheridgebetter usps suffix handling
2019-01-10 Jason Etheridgebetter usps suffix handling
2019-01-09 Jason Etheridgeadd x_org logic to handle_shelf
2019-01-09 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.normalize_address_suffix
2019-01-07 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.split_rows_on_column_with_delimiter
2018-12-18 Jason Etheridgemigration_tools.name_parse_out_first_middle_last_comma_...
2018-12-04 Jason Etheridgetool to spit out records that contain the tag/subfield...
2018-11-07 Rogan Hambyremove serial reports
2018-10-05 Jason Etheridgehandle ambiguity
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