descriptionLibrary data migration tools
last changeFri, 16 Aug 2019 16:57:23 +0000
3 days ago Jason Etheridgeget_marc_tag: return null if field not found master
3 days ago Jason Etheridgetweaks to mig stagebibs
6 days ago Jason Etheridgetweaking mig-stagebibs creation of biblio_record_entry_...
6 days ago Jason Etheridgetypoes
13 days ago Rogan Hambymaking headers bold
13 days ago Rogan Hambymultiple title hold report matches reports
2019-08-02 Rogan Hambymodified collision reports to use now x_ convention
2019-08-02 Rogan Hambycommented out barcode lengths by library because it...
2019-07-16 Rogan Hambyadding x_migrate flag and changing reference to text...
2019-07-16 Rogan Hambyexpanding columns on map_tlc_holding_code
2019-07-15 Rogan Hambymore logic checkinf for existing bre tables
2019-07-15 Rogan Hambymake biblio_record_entry be biblio_record_entry_legacy
2019-07-08 Rogan Hambyadded version of strip_tag to take string and subfield...
2019-06-24 Jason Etheridgeimprovement for migration_tools.is_circ_rule_safe_to_delete
2019-06-24 Jason Etheridgewait, you thought this was EG specific? :) migration_t...
2019-06-23 Jason Etheridgecombine 245ab for openbiblio2marc
3 days ago master
2 years ago actor_stat_cat_functions