descriptionLibrary data migration tools
last changeTue, 21 Jan 2020 04:11:08 +0000
28 hours ago Jason Etheridgemitigate chance for ambiguous column references TODO... master
28 hours ago Jason Etheridgesome extra arguments for mig-stagebibs to make it easie...
7 days ago Rogan Hambyadding missing x_migrate filter
7 days ago Rogan Hambymake collision reports smarter to avoid other x charact...
7 days ago Rogan Hambyadding x_migrate filters on two barcode collision reports
7 days ago Rogan Hambyoptionally take --title and no analyst
7 days ago Rogan Hambyvarious simplifying of reports to make it more end...
7 days ago Rogan Hambyremove outdated reports
7 days ago Rogan Hambyremove outdated reports
2019-12-29 Jason Etheridgemissed these when adding the m_ prefix to base staging...
2019-12-27 Jason Etheridgemig stagebibs should expect m_ prefixes on table names
2019-12-12 Jason Etheridgem_ prefix for staging tables
2019-12-05 Jason Etheridgeoops; put this into the migration_tools schema
2019-12-05 Jason Etheridgemake migration_tools.create_linked_legacy_table_from...
2019-11-15 Rogan Hambyadjusting reports for new collision naming assumptions
2019-11-06 Rogan Hambyspecifying bib source
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2 months ago table_prefix
3 months ago new_base_sql
2 years ago actor_stat_cat_functions