2013-07-11 Michele TartaraAdd an example about how to run hooks master
2013-07-11 Michele TartaraUpdate documentation
2013-07-11 Michele TartaraClear the root password
2013-05-23 Thomas ThrainerBump version for 0.13 release
2013-05-23 Thomas ThrainerReport error when exporting non-ext partition
2013-05-23 Thomas ThrainerMake filesystem of root partition configurable
2013-05-23 Thomas ThrainerChange default Debian version to Wheezy
2013-05-23 Thomas ThrainerDocument instance variant creation
2013-05-21 Thomas ThrainerAdd example for Ubuntu instance
2012-10-30 Iustin PopAdd check for minimum disk size v0.12
2012-10-30 Iustin PopAdd a copy of ganeti's devel/release
2012-10-30 Iustin PopAdd support for components override
2012-10-30 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file and bump version for 0.12 release
2012-10-29 Iustin PopFix console of xen-pvm
2012-10-29 Iustin PopShip and install all hooks and their data
2012-07-19 Iustin PopFix uninstall rules for variants/defaults files
2012-07-19 Iustin PopInstall the defaults file automatically
2012-05-09 Iustin PopUpdate NEWS file and bump version for 0.11 release v0.11
2012-05-09 Iustin PopAlso export the proxy for https usage
2012-05-09 Iustin PopFix a few issues with the grub hook
2012-05-09 Iustin PopMake partition alignment configurable
2012-05-09 Iustin PopUpdate defaults file
2012-05-03 Iustin PopAlign partition on 1MiB boundary
2012-04-24 Iustin PopBump version and update NEWS for 0.10 release v0.10
2012-04-24 Iustin PopSwitch from lenny to squeeze as default
2012-04-24 Iustin PopWhitespace/style cleanups
2011-10-10 Guido Trottertimezone hook: use host-default if none present
2011-10-10 Guido TrotterMention chpasswd -e in defaultpasswords hook
2011-10-10 Guido TrotterAdd ssh-keys example hook
2011-10-10 Serge van GinderachterSome extra example hooks
2011-10-10 Guido Trotterexport: add support for ext4 filesystems
2010-03-12 Guido TrotterUpdate NEWS file for serial console fixes v0.9
2010-03-12 Guido TrotterFix serial console
2010-03-11 Guido TrotterRemove a couple of useless quotes
2010-03-10 Iustin PopMake 0.9 release with the recent changes
2010-03-10 Iustin PopDistribute examples in the archive
2010-03-10 Iustin PopChange the customization directory
2010-03-02 Iustin PopMake release 0.8 v0.8
2009-10-20 Guido TrotterSupport blktype as an alternative to vol_id
2009-10-05 Jun FutagawaAdd script for creating a new instance with grub
2009-10-03 Guido TrotterSupport API version 15 (with OS variants)
2009-10-03 Guido TrotterFix two typos in a variable name
2009-10-03 Guido TrotterShip variants file with the correct name
2009-10-03 Guido TrotterInitialize the CLEANUP array and trap in common.sh
2009-08-08 Guido TrotterSupport os variants
2009-02-19 Guido TrotterMore tweaks to kpartx output parsing v0.7
2009-02-18 Guido Trotterimport: only use swap if swap_uuid is defined
2009-02-18 Iustin PopRework the blockdev handling
2009-02-17 Guido TrotterUpdate NEWS file and release 0.7
2009-02-17 Guido Trotter'msdos' is the default partition style from api10
2009-02-16 Guido TrotterTo avoid bashisms, convert to /bin/bash! :)
2009-02-16 Guido TrotterFix 1.2 compatibility
2009-02-13 Guido TrotterAdd example instance-debootstrap.d file
2009-02-13 Guido TrotterAdd CUSTOMIZE_DIR to personalize the installation
2009-01-28 Guido TrotterImplement PARTITION_STYLE='msdos'
2009-01-28 Guido TrotterAdd the PARTITION_STYLE configuration variable
2009-01-26 Guido Trotterinstance-debootstrap: release 0.6 v0.6
2009-01-26 Guido Trotterdevel/upload: add a missing wait
2009-01-26 Guido TrotterUse losetup rather than -o loop
2009-01-26 Guido TrotterAbstract cleanups in a CLEANUP array
2009-01-26 Guido TrotterAdd devel/upload script
2009-01-26 Guido Trotterdefaults: update EXTRA_PKGS comments
2008-10-22 Guido Trotterinstance debootstrap: enable import
2008-10-22 Guido Trotterinstance debootstrap: enable export
2008-10-22 Guido Trottercommon.sh: output all errors to stderr
2008-10-22 Guido TrotterUse basename when checking the script name
2008-10-22 Guido Trottersearch for vol_id and use retrocompatible options
2008-10-17 Guido Trotteruse proper variable name INSTANCE_NAME
2008-10-17 Guido TrotterShip common.sh with the debootstrap os
2008-10-16 Guido TrotterOLD/NEW swap, fix get_api10_arguments too
2008-10-16 Guido Trotterrename: invert old and new instance name
2008-10-16 Guido Trotterinstance-debootstrap: Support both api 5 and 10
2008-10-16 Guido Trottercommon.sh parsing for api10 arguments
2008-10-16 Guido TrotterMake $swapdev optional
2008-10-16 Guido TrotterParse command line arguments in common.sh
2008-08-26 Guido TrotterUse vol_id to calculate volume UUIDs
2008-08-14 Guido Trotterdebootstrap create: activate serial console
2008-08-14 Guido TrotterUse UUID-based mounts for create and import
2008-07-07 Iustin PopMake the 0.5 release v0.5
2008-07-07 Iustin PopAllow enabling of a proxy for debootstrap
2008-07-07 Iustin PopFix a wrong dirname
2008-07-07 Iustin PopUpdate the README file
2008-07-07 Iustin PopAllow customization of installation directory
2008-07-06 Iustin PopRework the caching mechanism
2008-07-06 Iustin PopInclude the defaults file in the dist archive
2008-07-04 Iustin PopRework the create script
2008-07-04 Iustin PopSwitch indendation to two spaces
2008-07-04 Iustin PopRemove the ‘version’ file
2008-07-04 Iustin PopStart autogenerating the create script
2008-07-01 Iustin PopStart autotool-ing the debootstrap instance
2008-06-30 Manuel FranceschiniModify os scripts to mount file disks correctly
2008-06-27 Iustin PopRename the debian-etch-debootstrap OS definition
2008-02-20 Iustin PopRemove .debs from the instance filesystem
2008-01-16 Iustin PopMake a new 0.4 release for debian-etch-debootstrap
2008-01-11 Guido TrotterRemove generated network rules on instance import
2007-11-28 Iustin PopImprove performance of the debian-etch-debootstrap OS
2007-09-18 Iustin PopUpdate debian-etch-debootstrap API version to 5
2007-08-30 Iustin PopCheckin the debian-etch-debootstrap os scripts