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last changeSun, 4 Nov 2012 13:43:30 +0000
2012-11-04 Galen CharltonSCPL: logos and TPac templates master scpl_2_3_0
2012-10-30 Galen CharltonSCPL: bib cleanup script
2012-10-30 Galen CharltonSCPL: fix glitch in 2.3.0 schema upgrade script
2012-10-30 Galen CharltonSCPL: remove references to new permission groups
2012-10-30 Galen CharltonSCPL: tweaks to schema upgrade script
2012-09-19 Bill EricksonBumping version numbers, adding Upgrade Script and...
2012-09-19 Thomas BerezanskyDefault notify by text receipt replaces to blank
2012-09-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Results - don't show the pubdate if we're showing...
2012-09-19 Dan ScottTPAC: Display full publication info
2012-09-19 Thomas BerezanskyEnable 1-hit redirect for item barcode searches
2012-09-19 Bill EricksonProtect against fleshed circ_lib in legacy check_age_pr...
2012-09-16 Kathy LussierVarious additions to the 2.3 release notes.
2012-09-10 Ben ShumHide Print Page button on Simplified Pull List
2012-09-07 Dan ScottTPAC: Escape single quotes in MFHD record location
2012-09-07 Lebbeous Fogle... Revert "Bug #1044721: QP handles explicit group+joiner...
2012-09-07 Dan ScottJournal title hackery - move to a more robust location
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