move stagebibs to getopt::long
[migration-tools.git] / mig-bin / mig-stagebibs
2019-08-28 Rogan Hambymove stagebibs to getopt::long
2019-08-28 Rogan Hambyimproved docs for mig-stagebibs
2019-08-27 Jason Etheridgelaziness idea from rhamby for the win
2019-08-16 Jason Etheridgetweaks to mig stagebibs
2019-08-13 Jason Etheridgetweaking mig-stagebibs creation of biblio_record_entry_...
2019-08-13 Jason Etheridgetypoes
2019-07-15 Rogan Hambymore logic checkinf for existing bre tables
2019-07-15 Rogan Hambymake biblio_record_entry be biblio_record_entry_legacy
2019-06-06 Rogan Hambyadd message to check for it being XML
2019-05-13 Rogan Hambyfixed bug for mig-stagebibs when the output is already...
2019-05-09 Rogan Hambynew mig-loadbibs